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Oral Carnegie - President and CEO
In September of 2003, Oral Carnegie was named President and CEO of Siblings Management. Prior to this venture, Mr. Carnegie had been with the Sizzler Organization for over 20 years as a top level senior executive. He was responsible for the Northeast region inclusive of all aspects of expansion, procedures and operations.

Mr. Carnegie is skilled in strategic planning and has comprehensive experience in profit building, new business development and opportunity identification. Mr. Carnegie earned a BS from Rutgers State University and a Masters in Economics from Montclair State University.

Sandra Carnegie - Sr. Executive Vice President and CAO
In September of 2003, Sandra Carnegie was named Vice President and CAO of Sibling Management responsible for setting the overall corporate marketing strategy, building brand and market place awareness, providing marketing support programs and overseeing the general administration of the units.

Prior to this, Ms. Carnegie was responsible for managing. Maintaining and growing a very impressive client base and had been at the forefront of many initiatives geared towards client loyalty and growth strategies over the
years. Ms. Carnegie holds a BS in Management/Administration with a concentration in
Finance from Rutgers State University.

Tracy Kerns - Director of Operations
Ms. Tracy Kerns was named Director of operation in September 2003 responsible for overseeing the general day to day operations of all the units.

Prior to this Ms. Kerns had been with the Sizzler Corporation for over seven years and was the General Manager responsible for one of the corporate units, dealing with all the internal mechanics and the day to day general
administration. Ms. Kerns was directly responsible for increasing sales, building and satisfying the customer base and moving the unit to overall operational excellence.

Board of Directors:
Leslie Anderson, Chairman of the Board
Oral Carnegie, President
Sandra Carnegie, Vice President
Dalton Simpson, Partner
Dwayne Simpson, Partner


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